Redhead World sponsored the 2010 Dublin Irish Festival and helped create a new redhead gathering at the festival. Redheads came together on each day of the festival to socialize and take a group photo.

The Dublin Irish Festival is the second largest Irish festival in the world with seven large stages of entertainment, music, and dance, as well as numerous exhibits, Irish food, sports, games, and much more. Another big attraction for redheads is the Irish Contests held in the Wendy’s Wee Folk Tent on Sunday. There are three contests: Reddest Hair, Greenest Eyes, and Most Freckles with three age divisions including adults.

Redhead World attracted members from Colorado, New York, District of Columbia, Nebraska, California, and Oregon to the festival to participate in the redhead group photo.

While there are certainly sufficient redheads on the festival grounds – with more than 100,000 admissions per weekend – we did fall far shorter from having the world’s largest gathering as hoped. Still, with a couple hundred redheads on the Sunday shoot, and with word spreading around, we hope we can do the event again and with a bigger crowd.



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