Redhead Days Festival 2022 in the Dutch city of Tilburg

This week, we made our way to the city of Tilburg to participate in the 15th annual Redhead days festival. In addition to the festivities, we were able to do a bit of exploring around the city, and meet other redheads from all over the world! We cannot wait to go back next year!

For more information on Redhead days, check out or follow them on Instagram @theredheaddays.

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00:00 A Sea Full of Gingers
00:05 Introduction
01:28 Exploring Tilburg
02:11 Kick-Off Party
04:01 Day 2 of Redhead Days
05:26 Redhead Fact #1
06:00 Pig and Rye, Tilburg
07:46 Redhead Tower of Fame
09:05 Redhead Fact #2
10:08 Redhead Fact #3
10:42 Our Favorite Redheads
12:18 Redheads from Around the World
13:43 So Many Shades of Red Hair!
14:16 Redhead Fact #4
14:52 What Does Redhead Days Mean to You? Part 1
15:20 Day 3 of Redhead Days
16:41 What Does Redhead Days Mean to You? Part 2
17:14 Group Photo
17:24 Closing and Stay Tuned For Next Week!

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We’re Tracey and Travis, an American couple who just moved with our Miniature Husky, Tabasco, from our home in Houston, Texas to the city of Leiden, The Netherlands. Our goal is to be interesting people, which is reflected in our channel. We appreciate all of your support on this crazy awesome journey!

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