In Scotland you are never more than 6ft away from a ginger.
Proud redhead Catriona MacPhee finds out the importance of being red.
with contributions from
Taggart’s Colin McCreadie, Big Brother’s Jon Loughton, MSP Alasdair Allan, celebrity hairdresser Taylor Ferguson and MP Ed Balls.
Catriona is one in a crowd as she joins thousands of redheads on World Redhead Day, she hangs out with radio DJ Steve McKenna on his Ginger Wednesday Show, meets Rees The Skin (Prof Jonathan Rees) who discovered the ginger gene and meets a football fan who reveals the ultimate Ginger 11.
9pm, 26th November 2010,BBC ALBA (channel 168)
10pm 28th November 2010, BBC ALBA (channel 168)



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