Redheads have unique, fascinating attributes. Here are 13 facts about redheads everyone should know:

1.Red hair and blue eyes is the rarest combination in the world.
2. Redheads soak up more sun because they usually have less melanin producing capacity in their skin and thus are more sun sensitive than are their dark haired counterparts.
3. Redheads may feel more pain at the dentist.
4. It has been proven that redheads need larger doses of anesthesia and are often resistant to local pain blockers like novocaine.
5. Natural redheads could be at a greater risk of melanoma without sun exposure.
6. If the red hair gene is in your family history, then even if you do not have red hair yourself, you do carry the gene.
7. Redheads bruise more easily.
8. Redheads have less hair.
9. We generate our own Vitamin D.
10. We make up only 2% of the entire population.
11. Usually, redheads don’t turn gray.
12. We’re NOT going extinct.
13. Redheads are rare, unique and amazing.

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