Culture Shocks from Americans Living in The Netherlands

This week, we are taking you on a tour of the Leiden Singelpark and talking about culture shocks we’ve had during our time living in The Netherlands. We’ve been living in Leiden for eleven months now, and although we’ve become more comfortable living here, a few things have taken us a bit more time to adjust. We’ve compiled a list of 7 of the culture shocks we’ve experienced personally.

00:00 Introduction
02:05 Holiday Time
04:34 Bird Sanctuary
05:00 Slower Dining Pace
06:45 Gnome house
07:15 Dutch Directness
09:16 Thoughts on Singelpark
10:22 Mini Biebs
11:04 Dutch infrastructure
12:45 Open Windows
13:25 Closeness
15:18 Denseness
16:37 Close

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We’re Tracey and Travis, an American couple who just moved with our Miniature Husky, Tabasco, from our home in Houston, Texas to the city of Leiden, The Netherlands. Our goal is to be interesting people, which is reflected in our channel. We appreciate all of your support on this crazy awesome journey!

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