Surprising facts about redheads! Interesting things to know about people who have red hair

Vitamin D is essential for the survival of all people, and most can absorb enough of it through exposure to sunlight. For people with fiery hair, however, the general lack of melanin in their skin means being out in the sun for too long has some disadvantages. Pale skin often means a higher risk of developing skin cancer. Luckily for gingers everywhere, they’ve evolved to produce enough vitamin D with a lot less sunlight. That means redheads are pretty self-sufficient. Unfortunately, the light skin also results in the inability to tan – easily, anyway. Many folks with this warm hair color can’t attain the coveted bronze skin that so many desire. Instead, they develop freckles in the sun or simply burn. But, let’s face it – there’s nothing wrong with gorgeous coppery locks and cute freckles dotting their noses and cheeks!

As a redhead, you’re already a rare species – so to speak. But, there are some folks with red locks that are even more uncommon than the rest. Most people with ginger hair have brown eyes – probably because the gene for darker eyes is dominant. The next most likely eye colors for redheads are hazel and green. But, if you’re a natural redhead with blue eyes to boot, then you’re the rarest of them all! The trait for blue eyes is recessive, as is the one of red hair. That means that both parents must carry both traits to have children with ginger hair and blue eyes.



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