A few trivia facts you may not know about redheads.
To all the feisty redheads, we salute you!!

Kudos magazine is focused on healthy, happy living,. We believe health and wellness can be achieved with a little insight, motivation, and inspiration for MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

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Streaming Software By far ecamm is my favorite live streaming tool for mac users. The features allow you to create professional live streams with ease. This powerful software provides a way to live stream like a professional broadcaster.
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Repurpose Video to Mini Snippets or Podcast Segments
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Repurposing content for social media the easy way

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Groove Funnels All-in-one software for websites, funnels, blogs, Shopping carts, hosting webinars, and so much more. Ask me for details! I just made the switch for my business.



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