For whatever reason, there are exponentially more legends about redheads than there are about people with any other hair color. Maybe it’s because red hair is so rare compared to other colors.

There are plenty of myths about redheads that need to be busted for good. Some are quite negative, like that gingers have terrible tempers, while others are just bizarre, like that they get stung by bees more often than people with other hair colors, but there’s no truth to any of them. Let’s take a look at some myths about redheads that you always thought were true.

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Redheads have fiery tantrums | 0:00
They can’t stay calm in a crisis | 1:29
Gingers get it on all the time | 2:26
Redheads have supernatural qualities | 3:30
They’re genetically just like everyone else | 4:41
Gingers can’t take pain | 5:56
Bees sting redheads more often | 6:58
Our fiery brethren smell just like us | 7:56
Being a redhead is common | 9:02
Gingers don’t need vitamin D | 10:07
Redheads can’t handle the cold | 10:47
Gingers have no souls | 11:34

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