Photographer Travels Around The World To Capture The Incredible Beauty Of Red Hair

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While redheads have turned out to be synonymous with Ireland and Scotland, American picture taker Brian Dowling who now lives in Berlin(Germany), captured more than 130 redheads from 20 unique nations for his undertaking “Redhead Beauty”.

Red hair is the rarest hair shading on the planet and is caused by a quality transformation know as MC1R which influences around 1% of the total populace. This quality transformation can likewise influence a man’s resistance to agony, daylight, and their hairs’ capacity to dark. Red hair will rather turn blonde or unadulterated white when you age.

Brian began this representation venture which spread over three summers to demonstrate the genuine magnificence of red hair and needed to help separate generalizations individuals frequently have of redheads with his photos. His specialty book “Redhead Beauty” is accessible on Kickstarter.

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