Is it true that redheads can feel less pain? Our scientists are investigating why some genes cause higher pain tolerance in mice and humans.

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Do you know any redheads who have a higher pain tolerance?

ExperiMental – from Season 1 Episode 13: Did you know that redheads feel less pain than the rest of us? Could help explain their fiery temper! We also test the strength of a hen’s egg.

If you’re an empathetic person chances are you probably succumb to contagious yawning more often than the cold-hearted. We explain why. However, we still don’t know why humans yawn. We explain why feline mortality goes up when they fall from the seventh floor.

Like popcorn? We show you what makes corn pop! Did you know horses seem to prefer one hand – oops hoof! – over the other? It seems the way their facial hair grows indicates whether they are left or right hoofed. Bad at racquet sports? Blame it on your brain. Hate waiting for a refill? Then we have the coaster for you. It lets the bar staff know when you need another drink.

ExperiMental travels the world in search of the craziest experiments ever performed and challenges the scientists responsible to repeat their bizarre experiments in front of the cameras.

In each episode, we recreate these wacky experiments. They might seem silly but believe it or not many of them have played an important role in genuine scientific research and some of them have ultimately led to surprising scientific breakthroughs or real-world applications. But it’s not just the science of today we’ll be turning our beady eye upon – we’ll also be running our own Test Department answering important questions like “why does toast always fall butter side up?” or “can you play the bagpipes using helium rather than air?”.

Amusing, irreverent and always entertaining, ExperiMental tackles every imaginable branch of science in a populist way. It’s hard science made fun through oddball experiments.

Welcome to the OFFICIAL Curious? Science and Engineering YouTube Channel.

Be inspired and take an exciting leap into the world of science and engineering!

We’ve got wacky experiments, magnificent creations and special moments that will change people’s lives forever. Feeling curious? Good, we’ve got just the channel you’re looking for.

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