On this week’s episode of the How to be a Redhead podcast, we’re talking all about redhead men and redheads ‘by choice’. Popular questions amongst How to be a Redhead followers are:
1. “I am a natural redhead man. Any tips for me?”
2. “I am a redhead ‘by choice’. I wasn’t born a redhead, but I know it’s the right color for me. What products are best for my hair? Any other tips for me?”
So, we wanted to dedicate an entire episode about these two topics.
We brought in two “experts” in these fields: siblings, Lydia and Josh Hodges who grew up in a redhead family. Josh is a natural redhead (https://howtobearedhead.com/9-natural-redheads-from-different-backgrounds-and-ethnicities/) and Lydia has dyed her hair red (https://howtobearedhead.com/11-great-things-about-being-a-redhead/) for over 5 years and feels most confident being a redhead ‘by choice’.
Luckily, Josh is Adrienne’s husband and Lydia is her sister-in-law.
Lydia dishes on her favorite red hair dye, L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference, 6R Light Auburn (Warmer). She only leaves it on for 30 minutes and dyes it every 3 weeks. She also talks about how she gained so much confidence because of her red hair.
Josh talks about growing up as a natural redhead and vivid memories from his childhood; including redhead bullying and how he made it stop.
And, Josh also talks about how he isn’t afraid to use beauty products. One of his favorite items is PCA Skin’s Sensitive Skin Retinol and lots of sunscreen.
Podcast Notes: https://howtobearedhead.com/podcast-episode-7-redhead-men-and-dyed-redheads/



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