In today’s episode of the Mareathon, we talk about giving compliments to strangers, after I receive one! I also did a Sephora haul and went to a Mayor’s Reception.


Mare is a young widow sharing her journey in daily vlogs. Mare has a son, Thomas, who is deaf and on the Autism Spectrum. In June of 2017 Mare’s husband Jeremy committed suicide after battling depression and anxiety for years. They shared their story for a couple years on this YouTube channel.

Mental health, self care, women’s health, special needs and being true to yourself are VERY important to Mare. She strives to include helpful content every day as she uploads six days a week.

Mare created the Mareathoner community, a place where she makes sure everyone feels less alone.

Mare left a decade-long career in radio to start her own business in 2016, Redhead Mare Media. She lives in BC with Thomas.

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Life’s not a sprint; it’s a Mareathon. oxox

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