Epic L-Sit progression for beginners – Level up your performance – Improve your flexibility. – To Level Up Your Calisthenics Skill *** FREE DOWNLOAD http://bit.ly/fmsflexibilityblueprint *** SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/UnityGymChannel

Here’s the exercise tutorial for the L-Sit progression … this is a great calisthenics abs abs core exercise you can do at home to get amazing core strength.

Make sure you also work on pike flexibility and mobility so you can easily compress your body.

This video will teach you how to do an L-sit on the ground.

If you’d like to level up your strength, make sure you download our Flexibility Blueprint here: http://bit.ly/fmsflexibilityblueprint

Please feel free to reach out and tell us what you’d like us to create next in the comments … also please let us know how you go with your rehab. We appreciate your support and time!

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Theragun PRO is the best quality deep tissue muscle therapy self massage gun:
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Rumble Roller is our favourite for self-myofascial & trigger point massage:
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Back Balls are our favourite for rapid posture, spine and shoulder mobility enhancement:
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Tumbl Trak Sliders are one of our favorite tools for mobility and core training exercises:
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Wooden Gymnastics Rings are our favourite for upper body strength and mobility training:
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Wooden Gymnastics Parallettes are an essential piece for upper body strength training:
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