Redhead World is the best redhead social network – a place to meet and socialize with redheads and admirers of red hair. We’ll keep you up to date on the latest redhead news and redhead festivals too.

Services we offer include: custom profiles, advanced member search, blogs, discussion forums, event pages, groups, polls, news, built-in instant messenger with audio/video conferencing, and multi-room site chat with multi-person audio/video conferencing built-in.

We were the first redhead social network to report on:
– a redhead music video involving more than a dozen redheads
– an actual redhead scholarship
– a call-for redhead test subjects for a famous cable TV science show investigating the myth regarding redheads and pain

Our Redhead World channel will predominately feature interviews with redheads in the worldwide community as well as redhead news and site updates. We’ll also include a few tutorials on how to use our site.



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